Do you know this feeling? Society doesn’t accept that you’re a couch potato and everybody tells you that you can only be healthy and happy if you go outside at least once a day? Well, but where are you supposed to go? We have the solution for you: Use the coincidence and find your way to walk around.
No pressure. No purpose.

This application is inspired the concept of „the Flâneur„. It is about the ability to wander detached from society with no other purpose than to be an acute observer of contemporary life. By using this application you’ll feel the excitement of looking for a purpose of you walk.
Maybe you’ll find something along the way – who knows? 

Whatever you do, don’t stop walking except this tourguide tells you too. It does not matter which way you are walking.
This tourguide is not made to lead you but to give you instructions and ideas along the way.
You have the choice to document your walk, take any device with you (notebook, voice recorder, camera, another person etc…).